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We respect our customers and their property.

A home we installed architectural shingles on in North East Charlotte, NC.

Donna Carpenter - Total Roof System Replacement. Charlotte, NC

 " I was glad to get a nice looking new roof ". Her home was a 2 layer tearoff and total decking replacement. Plies in the plywood started separating and weakened the integrity of the decking system. We believe it was manufacturer defective plywood and the incorrect installation of the attic insulation. All old decking was removed and new 1/2" decking was installed. 15# roofing felt nailed down and then the 30 Year Elk 3 Dimensional shingles were installed according to the manufacturers specifications. We capped off the ridges with a ridge vent system. Mrs. Carpenter also had a tree close to the roof preventing sunlight from hitting about 40% of the roof area. Which enabled thick moss growth and trapping moisture in between the plywood, felt shingles and attic. This contributed to premature deterioration of the plywood. We removed the tree at her request.

Bill Palmers house before the new roof, new roof pictures after this one.

Bill Palmer - Total Deck and Roof System Replacement - Charlotte, NC

After we finished roofing Mrs. Ladonnas home, her neighbor Bill wanted a new roof too. The Ladonna roof job was 30 year Elk Shingles and Bills roof was 40 year Elk Shingles. Both jobs required total deck replacement due to high moisture content in the attic for the last 25 years. From this we know there was improper attic ventilation as well as improper attic insulation installation causing trapped moisture. Bill was happy with the estimate and we begun work a week later. Bills contract called for 30 year Elk shingles. When C & M went to order materials for the job as well as pick up material for another job, our sales rep told us they had a very large order of 40 Year Elk shingles that was the wrong color than a customer had ordered and they could sell us the shingles at $3 more per square than the 30 Year Elk shingles. 40 Year Elk normally cost about $18 more per square so this was a great deal for our customer. Luckily the color of the 40 Year shingles were the same color Bill wanted his 30 year shingle in. We called Bill and told him for $3 more per square we could get him the 40 year shingles. The better the shingles are the more they weigh and so there are more bundles and it takes a more work. We weren't going to charge Bill more on the installation end and we figured he could get a lot better shingle for about $90 to cover the entire roof. Well, Bill is retired. Bill said, I'd like to get the better shingles for such a good deal but I just can't spend anymore on the roof. Bill has to watch his budget. We understood Bills concerns. Being a roofing company and loving our jobs we just couldn't imagine passing up this great deal. We quickly ordered the 40 year Elks and C & M ate the cost. But we didn't mind because we knew to give Bill a lot for a little was worth it.

House above and this house are next to each other, did both of them that month. Both houses wound up needing all new plywood decking.

Above - Mrs LaDonna with her new roof and proposed updates.

Jon James - A nice young man in Durham, tearoff and roof back with 30 yr Elk.

Jon James Roof (above and below) - In Durham, NC

Mr. Alexander - Queens Road West in Charlotte, NC. Slate Roof Repairs and Metal Roofing on his 10 car garage.

Don Neal's Home - Queens Rd in Charlotte, NC. Slate Roofing Repair & other Roofing work for his Contracting Company.

Bording house on Park Road in Charlotte, NC.- Tear off and installed New Roofing.



C & M Contractors Affordable Roofing maintianed a Roofing Maintenance Contract with Sal Vista Industrial Park for 3 years. The Contract covered over 170,000 S.F which included 5 buildings over 80 acres. The industrial Park was located right beside Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC.

The photo's below are of the buildings the Contract encompessed.

An arial View of the Industrial Park. 170,000 SF Total. All those little white dots are skylights that are 4' x 6'. About 30 of them leaked until we showed up. Some information on the picture has been blurred out. The larger building up top needed a new roof when we were first contracted. The owner kept saying year after year he was going to get us to install a new roof system and then he gradually stopped wanting work done even though more leaks were popping up. Everytime it would rain he would want us to go and reassure the tenants that a new roof would be put on soon, after about a year of that and him not being serious about doing what it took to repair the leaks longer term, I felt it was making my company look bad because it was appearing that our company was not competent to repair the leaks, but the reality was we were bound by what the owner wanted to spend and it was not nearly enough to repair all the leaks that were now evident, then we started having trouble getting paid, the guy was out of the country a lot and it was hard to get in contact with him, it was starting to be a big hassle so we decided to end the relationship.

The Roofing was a ERMA Roof, which is an upside down roof, the rubber modified like roofing is laid down on the concrete decking, then a 3" styrofoam insulation is put down over the rubber, spot bonded to the surface of the rubber, then a sheet of nylon like fabric is rolled over the insulation, and then a lot of gravel ballast is shoveled over the cloth, this holds the roof system down in place. The actual Roofing is not attached to the concrete decking in any way except where curbs and equipment are. You don't see these roofs around much anymore. It is a lot of effort to track leaks over large distances and to repair them as you have to remove the gravel, remove the nylon sheet, remove the 3' insulation that has been spot bonded to the rubber, so when removing it, it breaks up in a lot of pieces, and then you repair the rubber roofing, then try to put it all back together nice and neat which is very expensive and time consuming for a roof this big.

Commercial Built Up Tar and Gravel Roof Repairs in Weddington, NC.

This Retail Strip had many leaks at the parapet wall flashing, the coping joints needed resealed and a few other issues. We Spuded the gravel back about 3 feet from the wall in most places, then installed new modified bitumen flashing and then went over that and all major cracks with Karnak Flashing grade fibered Roofing Cement. We then went over that and the spudded back area with Karnak Fibered Roof Coating, We cleaned and then sealed the coping joints with Geocel 2300.

This is before the work was done.

This is after the Flashing had been done, but iot looks like we hadn't sealed those coping joints yet at that time the picture was taken.



We respect your property and we strive our best to keep tear off materials from going into your yard and damaging landscaping. If possible we try to throw the roofing debris directly into the dump truck or trailer, thus eliminating debris on the ground. This also eliminates labor time. After the job has been completed we sweep the grounds with a high power magnet to remove any strayed nails. We also rake the grounds for any fine debris. When we have no choice but to drop the tearoff materials on the ground we double tarp the area and then do a fine clean up after all is transferred to the dump. We also take extra precautions not to damage your gutters.

A home we installed GAF 30 yr architectural shingles on in Belmont, NC.

The Simpson's say they are enjoying the look of their new roof.

Mr. Simpson said he was so tired of looking at those worn out dis-colored shingles. Now, he has a really nice 30 year GAF architectural shingle. Since the roofing shingles are fungus free. He won't have to worry about the dis-coloring from the high humidity in Belmont, NC.

We won't use damaged materials. As with any product you are going to have damaged or manufacturers defective materials that got missed during quality control. This can make a significant difference over the life of the roof. When we see defections or damaged materials we let our suppliers know and we do not install them. Like you, we expect what we pay for to be top quality and we will not settle for less especially when your home and our name are on the line.