Residential Roofing Division.

There are many great shingles out there, which is right for your home?

When choosing a roof for your home, investment property, rental
home or second home you need to ask a few questions to yourself.

Is your roof leaking?

If your roof is leaking when it rains then you should definitely get the leak fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the home, including damage to the interior of the home. It doesn't make sense to let a couple hundred dollar repair continue to keep leaking. Thus costing hundreds and thousands of dollars in sheet rock and structural repairs. With drywall repair someone has to be home and then you have the mess of drywall dust and ect. Just get the leak fixed now. In most cases 90% of roofing leaks can be repaired in 3 or 4 hours. In most cases the homeowner can easily paint over a leak stain before any real damage has occur which will happen if you keep letting it go on and on. To hide the leak stains on a ceiling or wall use Kilz Wall primer before painting, you must use Kilz wall primer or the stain will bleed through and will be noticeable.

Some interesting facts-

You don't need a new roof often,

but when you do, you want it done right! Roof type and contractor selection are the most important decisions an owner has to make when installing a new roof, or when replacing an old one. A roof constitutes only about 5% of the construction cost of a building, but provides protection for 95% of the balance of an owners investment.

Roof application is not an exact science.

It is a "craft" involving people, dealing with a broad range of building materials, designs, techniques, and weather. Roof application is a construction process involving the skillful arrangement of several components that constitute a roof "system". The level of workmanship quality during the application process is the critical element of a successful roof installation.

Roof Types.

The type of roof you have largely depends on what is most popular and practical in your part of the country, and on when your house was built. And the cost of your house when it was built or bought. Roofing Materials are asphalt shingles, metal, copper, aluminum, plastic, wood, Slate and many other materials. The material cost vary from $45 a square for a typical roll roofing job to over $1,000 per square. A square is 100 square feet. 10 feet X 10 feet.

Find a leak.

Often this is very difficult because water has a tricky way of traveling a long way from the source before you see it. That's why C & M Contractors gives a minimum 1 Year Workmanship Warranty on all repair work. The reason we offer the Free 1 year warranty on all leak repairs is because C & M Contractors have been successful repairing leaks so we rarely ever get call backs with the re-appearing leak. If you do roofing long enough there will always be those 1 pesky leaky repair jobs out of a couple hundred. Every roofing company has had a call back on a leak before. The good companies admit it and jump to the customers needs to get it resolved. We take customers serious.


Unlike standard 3-tab, or strip shingles, which are single layer in design, a growing number of shingles are multi-layered or laminated (also known as 3 demensional shingles or architectural shingles).

Fungus and Moss De-Mystified.

In certain moist areas, algae can grow on shingles. It does stain or discolor the shingle. C & M Contractors does not like mold or mildew on any roof and we think it can adversely effect the life of your roof by trapping in moisture and causing premature plywood decking failure. C & M Contractors recommends a light brush and pressure wash to with a mildew remover-preventer to remove any dirt or stains.


A new shingle roof shouldn't need maintenance for at least 5 years. A five year old roof should be inspected every 2 years or after a abnormally bad rain or wind storm. Weathering  or aging is the #1 roof problem. #2 is deterioration of pipe collars then flashing and then shingles. Don't exceed your local building code's limit on the number of layers of shingles that can be applied. The additional weight can cause structural problems.


One of the most critical factors in roof durability is proper ventilation. Without it, heat and moisture build-up in the attic area combine to cause rafters and sheathing to rot. We install all major brands of ventilation on about any kind of roof. We also install power vents including electrical installation.


Flashing keeps water from entering the home at "transition" areas
Proper flashing is vital to a good roof quality roof installation.